Beauty magazines tend to rate the best firming skincare for face and body on the basis of the effectiveness of the ingredients found in creams.
From neck firming creams to leg toning creams, there is plenty of choice available, so what should you look for in a good firming cream?
Face firming creams should have a natural lifting effect through carefully selected botanical ingredients and antioxidants, which are vital for skin firming and repair. A high content of vitamins, collagen stimulators and hyaluronic acid is desirable.
Face firming creams should have ingredients that boost the production of collagen and support the natural renewal of skin cells. Ideally, these creams should be suitable to use as both a day cream and night cream.

best firming skincare

Firming Face Cream

A good firming cream for the face will help to lift and tone the skin to give a natural, youthful complexion.
Firming face creams act on the surface of the skin to provide a tightening effect, making it look smoother and less lined.
In other words, firming face creams act as natural alternatives to a facelift: although the results will never be as dramatic as surgery, the end result is a fresher appearance, which is the type of rejuvenation that you would normally achieve by going on a relaxing holiday.
Firming face creams are ideal for skin that is showing the first signs of ageing and can help prevent sagging and loss of tone.
Deep hydration is a key component of firming creams, as moisturising helps to plump the skin, giving it more volume.
Soy proteins are excellent ingredients in firming creams that give a natural facelift effect. Vitamin A is also a fantastic lifting agent that enhances the elasticity of the skin.
Always combine a firming face cream with an eye serum for optimal results.

Marlenha Recommends

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