Being in your 40s means you have a lot to celebrate: most of the insecurities of your teenage years have gone, life experiences have made you wiser and now you look at things with a sense of perspective so you feel more confident in your own abilities.
Becoming wiser may also mean that you may have taken more risks with your skin in your 20s like taking too many holidays in the sun, not wearing enough sun protection and forgetting to drink plenty of water, which in turn may have turned the skin dry and dehydrated. However, the skin is a wonderful organ that can bounce back as long as you take good care of it.
Your skin can reflect your lifestyle choices, whether they are good or bad; it’s time to show the world how much you care about your skin and show your inner glow. Taking yourself less seriously in your 40s does not mean not taking your skin seriously: you can look amazing at any age through some simple skincare rituals.
The best thing you can do for your skin is to look after it, and as long as you have a simple routine in place you will look fresh and radiant for years to come.

Best Anti-aging Cream if You Are in Your 40s

best antiageing cream

Looking for the best anti-ageing cream shouldn’t be a time-consuming job: as long as a skincare product has good ingredients and good user reviews, the right moisturiser will take care of your skin.
Having smooth skin in your 40s is partly down to genetics but lifestyle has an important role too: moisturising daily after cleansing is the mantra for beautiful young-looking skin. Hydration is the name of the game.
Over time you have become a more demanding and sophisticated consumer and you know what you want from a good moisturiser: it must feel natural on the skin, protect it and boost it while giving you the feeling of being taken care of and nurtured.
The ingredients must perfectly target issues like fine lines and not feel heavy or oily so you can apply make up or simply get up and go.
Skin in your 40s may need a little help with producing new collagen and generally boosting its natural renewal ability. Your moisturiser should have natural collagen boosters like soy proteins and Vitamin A to support the skin’s own regeneration process.

Making a Difference to Your Skin’s Appearance

The best moisturiser you can get to have good skin in your 40s needs to show visible results.
An antiage moisturiser must also feel pleasant when you apply it to face, neck and décolletage, with a texture that feels rich and luxurious but not greasy.
With the right blend of botanicals and vitamins plus tech ingredients like octapeptide, Marlenha’s Flourish Moisturiser is the perfect match for 40s skin.
Marlenha’s philosophy is to combine powerful botanical ingredients with the latest anti-ageing bio-active technology. All Marlenha’s products are free of parabens, chemical preservatives, alcohol, synthetic colourings and aggressive substances.
Marlenha’s Flourish Moisturiser is a complete anti-ageing treatment for 40s skin featuring in-depth and long-lasting hydrating properties. It can be used as both a day cream and night cream thanks to its nourishing yet non-greasy texture.
Flourish Moisturiser contains collagen-boosting soy proteins to improve the skin’s elasticity and hyaluronic acid to ensure the skin has the right levels of hydration.

Enjoy beautiful skin with Marlenha’s Flourish Moisturiser.