How many anti-ageing products do you have in your bathroom cabinet? Could your skincare routine be made easier by choosing anti-ageing creams that provide a complete treatment?
The main advantage of using multi-action anti-ageing products is simplicity: you can save time and money on your skincare, without needing to layer multiple products.

Benefits of a Complete Anti-ageing Treatment Cream
We can summarise the key benefits of a complete anti-ageing treatment cream as follows:

  • toning
  • hydrating
  • supporting skin renewal
  • smoothing out fine lines
  • plumping
  • enhancing radiance
  • multi-action as day cream and night cream

Marlenha’s Bloom Anti-age
Take our Bloom Anti-age Complete Rejuvenating Treatment for example: it is a multi-action cream formulated with a powerful combination of ingredients to firm up the skin, make it look smoother and plumper, while working deep into the skin to slow down the signs of ageing.
Applying Bloom Anti-age during the day will protect the skin from external factors while helping it keep soft and supple.
In the evening, Bloom Anti-age will rapidly sink into the skin to provide a protective anti-ageing mask treatment, allowing the skin’s own renewal process to take place overnight. Bloom has long-lasting effects thanks to a mix of bio-active ingredients including borage oil, musk rose oil, hyaluronic acid, apple stem cells and octapeptide.
This moisturiser is ideal for 50-plus skin but it can be used for younger skin to keep it nourished and plump.

Skin Beauty and Rejuvenation

anti-ageing cream

The skin is the mirror of our health and beauty: beautiful skin means healthy skin and healthy body, therefore radiant skin is a sign of health and attractiveness. Looking better and looking younger can have a positive effect on your overall health and even your confidence. Looking and feeling good, in fact, makes other people respond more positively, as we tend to smile more and be more approachable.
Looking after your skin is essential, at any age. In fact, even young skin needs protecting and nourishing – a skincare routine that is established in your mid- to late twenties will become second nature throughout your life and will keep your skin looking fresh and radiant. Over the years you will need to vary your skincare regime and choose different types of products later on according to the specific needs of your skin. Over time, the collagen structure in the skin becomes weaker and more irregular, with minor loss of collagen year on year. This is why taking care of the skin every day is so important.
This is why a complete anti-ageing treatment solves a variety of problems all at once: the same multi-action cream, for example, can be used as both day cream and night cream.
A good skin rejuvenation strategy should include the regular application of moisturiser, day and evening, after cleansing.
A daily skincare regime can help improve the elasticity of the skin, its smoothness and its innate ability to regenerate.

Choose Marlenha for your daily anti-ageing skincare: Bloom Anti-age.